5 Tips to Save Money during an InterRail


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Most people wanting to do an InterRail are students so it makes sense that money is not too abundant.

Based on my InterRail experience, I came up with 5 small tips to save money while travelling.

1. Use public transports

This might be obvious but we fell into the trap of getting a taxi in the first city we visited.

The result was paying way too much.

Stick to public transports where fares are constant. In Europe most cities have pretty good public transports that are comfortable and run on time.

Don’t try to sneak around without paying the ticket. Trust me, I did that in Berlin and got caught, ending up paying 40 euros instead of 2.5 €.

Your typical European bus. This one is from Luxembourg.

Your typical European bus. This one is from Luxembourg.

2 – Don’t pay for Internet

You might feel that you need to get an Internet subscription for your phone if you want to stay contactable during your InterRail but it’s really not necessary.

You can find free wifi everywhere in Europe. If you are staying in a hostel, they usually offer free wifi and even computers where you can contact friends and family and plan your trip.

Many cities also have hotspots distributed through the city and if you are a university student you might even find the holy grail, an EDUROAM hotspot.

Internet routers within cities

Learn how to spot the routers. Make it a game!

3 – Attend the free city guided tours

Personally, the best way to discover a city. You meet other travelers and discover the city while walking through it.

The guides are usually very friendly and passionate about the city and will share their personal stories as well as the history of the major landmarks.

At the end of the tour you can give them money to support their work.

freetour prague

A free tour of Prague with one of the best guides I ever encountered.

4 – Use your student card

Many places like pubs or coffee shops specially around universities over student discounts.

It doesn’t matter if you go to school in that city, you are still a student. If you care about visiting cultural hubs like monuments or museums, students usually visit them for free.

So if you are student remember that you have loads of benefits. Use them to the best of your ability are you will save money on food and entertainment.

student showing his student card in coffee shop

You never know if you never try!

5 – Stay in hostels with breakfast

Some hostels provide breakfast service for a very reasonable price.

I paid from 5 to 10 euros, always on a buffet type breakfast. Which means that you can treat yourself really nicely.

Go for broke and have a nice breakfast. By using this technique, I ended up saving a bunch of money on restaurant meals or supermarket food.

hostel breakfast service

Check online of Hostels have breakfast service.

These tips should help you save some cash during your InterRail.

But if you really want to have the biggest impact on your budget, make sure you start planning your trip correctly.

So I collaborated with InterRailPlanner.

Interrail Planner banner

They offer an online tool where you can schedule your whole InterRail in one page, making it super easy to share your route with other people.

I wrote an article for their blog teaching travelers how to calculate their budget and how much to take in their backpack. So check it out and meet me know how you like their tool.

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