About Road Delta

We all have ours battles. It doesn’t matter how rich, how pretty or how talented you are. Everyone has room for improvement but only a few proactively strive to be better.

Early in my life I understand that something was missing. A the time, I couldn’t pin point what was wrong so it was difficult to take action and start fixing myself.

But once I was exposed to self development content, the fog started to clear. It make me understand that we influence your thoughts and therefore your actions. We can shape your body and minds by being aware of the power we all did inside ourselves. We can design our life.

As I got more into self-improvement, I also started noticing how so few people take time to consume this type of content. I felt the need to share what I was learning with the world, creating content that educates and entertains.

Road Delta is exactly that. My journey of self improvement converted into content like blog posts and videos.

Created by me, myself and I

I’m Diogo. I was born in Portugal, in the beautiful city of Albufeira. I have a masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Luxembourg where I currently work and live. From sunny Albufeira to rainy Luxembourg… I know I know don’t get me started.

I am a introverted person, mainly around people I don’t properly know. And I love it! The content you can find on Road Delta is the manifestation of my opinions and experiences in life.

So far, all the content here is created and produced by me. This includes blog post and all the videos on the Youtube channel. Depending of the content, I either use written word or video.

Are you interested in working with me in any way?

I’m always looking for people who are aligned with the way I created content and identify with the Road Delta way. The best way to connect with me is either Twitter or Instagram (@roaddelta). I reply to every comment on my content so feel free to connect that way if you prefer.