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While watching videos about how to pick up girls I stumbled into self development books and the concept of improving your life in a proactive way. In this videos, a guy called Owen talks about how to work in your “inner game”, a term referring to your state of mind, your head space while trying to talk with the ladies. During this videos, Owen would mention books about personal development, spirituality and productivity. His point, you have to love yourself and try to be the best version of yourself (a term from another great men, Elliott Hulse).

These books really change the way I see social interactions and how I think. From productivity to spirituality, these are my favorite books in the subject. Enjoy and welcome to Road Delta 🙂

1. The 4 Agreements

The first book I rad about the idea of improving yourself and change in paradigm. Don Miguel Ruiz talks about the four agreement, the guidelines to improve your life and eliminate anger and fear. The bear essentials to be in peace your yourself and with others. This book alone allowed me to question attitudes and ways of thinking of mine and compare them with this agreements. Being aware of this actions is the first step to change them. This book perfectly accomplished this, “freeing” in some way. These are the 4 agreements, deeply think about them and overlay them with your actions:

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word;
  • Don’t Take Anything Personally;
  • Don’t Make Assumptions;
  • Always Do Your Best.

You will not regret reading this book. In my personal opinion it is the perfect book to initiate you journey in self development, for being so simply written and by talking about easy to relate topics.

You can download the audio book by clicking on the cover above.

2. The Power of Now

Spirituality is a hard topic to write about for me. Engineering and spiritual enlightenment do not combine that well! That said, this is one of my favorite books and author of all time. Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual guru, humble, appreciative and overall a lovely human being. Being aligned with the author is extremely important if you want to read their books about this esoteric topic. I tried to read books about Chopra Deepak, a similar spirituality author, but after seeing YouTube videos about him and how he approaches science, I will never read anything from him. So first research the author, learn his character and see if you identity with his type of writing and speaking.

In this book Eckhart teaches the basics of spirituality and how to connect to your inner self, how to eliminate internal resistance, how to meditate and how to “be”. None of what he talks is temporary fixes, meaning quick solutions to your problems. His teachings require time to internalize, to seep in to your subconscious.

One of the most powerful teachings that I took from this book was the concept of stepping back of yourself and view the situation you are currently in from above, have an helicopter view of the moment. For example, some time ago it was normal for me to become very nervous and inpatient in a social situation. This method talk you to step back of your conscience and see the situation from outside. See the situation, the way you are acting, without judging yourself… Do it, you will see how powerful it can be.

But my word do not make justice to the source material. A tip, when you read it, leave time in between chapters, do not read the book all at once. This will help you internalize the powerful message Eckhart Tolle is trying to plant in you.

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3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

When you read the title you might think that it is just another productivity book, with quick and temporary solutions. Instead the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People turn out to by my favorite book of all time. Doctor Stephen Covey (RIP) did an amazing job in outlining the essentials of personal and public growth. The first 3 habits refer to the personal victory, the guidelines to take control over your life and focus on what is important for you. The other 3 habits refer to the public victory, how to work and understand others, either colleges or loved ones. The final habit remands you that all these habits and teachings have to be constantly worked and revised. These are the 7 habits you want to cultivate in you:

  • Be Proactive
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • Put First Things First
  • Think Win-Win
  • Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
  • Synergy
  • Sharpen the Saw

I consider this book a bible for personal development. It covers the main challenges of life, like focusing on what is important and how to deal with other people. Is the manual for success. I also love the writing style, the way the author talks about the subjects and how he gives real life example of the applications of the habit.

Get your copy of the book by clicking on the cover of the book. You will not regret.

4. Mastery

I’m currently this book and it is easy turning out to be one of my favorite books. Robert Greene talks about how to master your field, how to become a master of your life. The books is made of the biographies of the greatest minds of your civilization. From these stories, the author extracts the underline message about their success. Figures like Michael Faraday, Mozart or Leonardo da Vinci, this awesome to know more about these amazing people and their journey to achieve greatness. All of them have one thing in common, they worked hard to achieve this status. I also enjoy the structure, tell a little story about a time during the life of a great master to make a point across.

The book talks about aligning yourself to your Life Task, how to choose a mentor or master, how to improve your social intelligence and much more. Recently I had to make some decisions concerning my career as an engineer, on which this book really helped me. A great book by Robert Greene, I also really curious to read his book called “The 50th Law“, in collaboration with 50 Cent.

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