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My first book from Anthony Robbins. Great man with a great energy. I highly recommend the audiobook where Anthony Robbins does a brilliant job narrating his own book. The book is short but packed with information.  If you enjoy the book notes grab a copy of the book. It’s a must read!

Have your own vision of your success future

Define your desired future by asking yourself these questions:

How can you take immediate control over your life?

What can you do today that can make a difference that can help you and others to shape your destiny?

How can you expand and share this knowledge in a meaningful and enjoyable way?

Decisions – The Pathway to Power

It is in moments of decisions that your destiny it’s shaped” – Anthony Robbins

Define what results you are committed to achieve and what kind of person you are committed to become.

Define acceptable behavior for yourself and decide what you expect for those you care about.

Live by those standards no matter what happens!

It’s not the conditions of your life that determine your destiny. It is your decisions.

A decision is not a wish. Making a true decision means cutting off any other possibilities.

The way to make better decisions is to make more of them.

The three main decision you are constantly making:

  • What to focus on in each moment of you life. What do you pay attention to.
  • What does things mean to you. If the situation is good or bad, if it affects your future and how.
  • What should you do right now.

If someone is enjoying more success then you are in any field is because they are making these three decisions differently from you in some way.

The Niagara Syndrome

While in the river of life, people don’t make a conscious decision of which way to go. By going with the flow, they become unable to resist the current and only realize that they are about to fall too late.


A way to avoid this is by planning upstream and making true decisions.

Four step process to achieve success (from Anthony Robbins’s book: “Unlimited Success”):

  1. Clearly decide what you want.
  2. Take action. Massive action!
  3. Notice what’s working and what’s not working.
  4. If it is not working, change the approach until it does work.

How to harness the power of decisions:

  1. Remember the power of a true decision (本田 宗一郎 story)
  2. Make a true, smart, fast decision and act upon it.
  3. Make decisions often. Exercise your decision making muscles.
  4. Learn from your decisions.
  5. Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach.
  6. Enjoy making decisions. The next one might be the one that makes everything fall into place.

Pain/Pleasure Principal

“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you are in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you” – Anthony Robbins

Everything you do is from the desire to avoid pain or to gain pleasure.

Pain/Pleasure is the force that drives the process of decision making.

Most of us decide what to do based one what will create pain and pleasure in the short term instead of the long term.

Most things we value most require us to be able to break through the wall of short term pain.

If you are not taking action in any area of your life means that you associate more pain to taking action to not taking action.

Change what you link pain and pleasure to. We can condition ourselves to change those links and connections.

Steps to create change:

  1. Understand the power that pain and pleasure have in every decision/action you take.
  2. This connections happen with or without your conscious decision. Take control!
  3. Be aware of the false connections the brain can make. You can link pain to the wrong cause.
  4. Destroy the false connection by questioning them.

While in a peak state, positive or negative, be aware of what you focus on. Is in these moments that neuro connections are easily created.


A belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means.

An idea is supported by references. These ideas become beliefs.

All of us have some beliefs that limit us from achieving our goals. These are limiting beliefs.

To create a belief, gather references to support that belief.

How to change your beliefs:

  • Understand the pain/pleasure principle.
  • Associate pleasure to the new belief and create doubt on the undesirable belief.
  • Search references to support your new beliefs.
  • Find or create a trigger event to push the belief over the edge and make it a convection.
  • Take action. Focus on the consequences of your belief.

Neural Associative Conditioning (NAC)

Change doesn’t need to take a long time.

We can condition ourselves to automatically associate massive pleasure to the things we want and constantly do what it takes to succeed.

NAC provides the syntax; the blueprint; the principles to use what you learn to create effective and long therm change.

Two main shifts in belief:

  • You can change right now. What takes time is getting ready to change.
  • You and only you are responsible for your change.

The six steps to NAC:

  1. Decide what you really want and what’s preventing you from getting it.
  2. Get leverage. Manipulate the pain/pleasure power to your advantage. Create a sense of urgency. Get references to support the new beliefs.
  3. Interrupt the limiting pattern.
  4. Create a new empowering alternative. You need to replace the benefits of the old pattern.
  5. Condition the new pattern until it is consistent.
    1. Condition yourself by repetition (using a schedule) or image yourself doing it. Celebrate each success!
  6. Test the new pattern
    1. Check if the new behavior still achieves the emotional reward but in a more empowering way.
    2. Check if the new behavior is firmly installed and how do you associate pleasure and pain to the old pattern.
    3. Imagine what can happen to make you fall into your old pattern. Test how grounded the new pattern is.
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