How to plan an Interrail


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During the month of September of 2013, me and 3 friends traveled around Europe by train, visiting 11 countries. The journey lasted 25 days, starting in Paris and ending in Venezia.  For those who want to interrail and never had the courage to start planning one, I hope this post motivates you to go on a journey of a life time.

1 – How long do you plan to travel?

 InterRail passes give you access to trains all over Europe. I say access because sometimes you have to pay fees (around 3-5 €), and if you want to travel in high speed trains you are going to pay around 25 €, even more sometimes. But generally you just need to pay if you want to reserve a seat ( and trust me, sometimes you want to).

 InterRail passes come in different prices. There are two types:

 – Flexi, is cheaper but less flexible. You have a fixed number of travel days. You can choose the One Country Pass or the global. Visit this page for more information.

 – Continuous, you pay the days you travel. If you buy the 22 days global pass ( the one we used) you can go wherever you want during 22 days. It’s the most flexible pass and if you want to visit a lot of places it’s the best option.

 We had 22 days to use the pass and we visited 12 cities, staying more or less 2 days in each city. Each person has a way and a goal when travelling, we wanted to see the maximum cities as possible. Choose your style and then the number of days/cities you want to visit.

2 – Travel with who?

 Golden Rule: Always travel with someone who you usually deal with on a regular basis or with someone you know for a long time. Why? Because in a long journey, there is always friction between the group members. Trust me.

 We were 4 and personally I think it’s the perfect group size. If it gets too big, the group tends to breakup more easily because you have to take care of more people and when it comes to make decisions…

3 – Where do you want to go?

 Want to see the pretty blondes in the North? Or go to Prague and shoot some guns? This is a personal choice and that the group has to decide together. Here is the list of all cities we visited:

– Paris (France)

– Brussels (Belgium)

– Amsterdam (Netherlands)

– Copenhagen (Denmark)

– Stockholm (Sweden)

– Berlin (Germany)

– Prague (Czech Republic)

– Vienna (Austria)

– Budapest (Hungry)

– Zagreb (Croatia)

– Florence and Venice (Italy)

4 – How do you intend to start and end your journey?

Are you going to start in a country next to yours? Are you going to take a plane and then start using the InteRail pass? If you intend to choose the last one (by plane) you want to book it like 3 or 4 months in advance, to save as much money as possible. We took a plane from Lisbon to Paris, we book it like 4 months earlier and we payed 132 € each. To go from Venice to Lisbon we also booked in advance, paying 75 € each.

5 – Let’s invest some money! Committing to the adventure.

One way to commit to the trip is to invest some money. Go and buy the InterRail pass. This way you will have to go!

By following this steps you are in the right track! The next step is to pack your bag and see some hostels. In the next post I’m going to explain all of that. See you next time!

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