Road Delta Podcast #1 – Books and Self Development w/ Anthony Perez

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Enjoy my conversation with Anthony Perez, creator of Book Success. We talk about books (of course), how and why we got into self development… Sit back and enjoy 🙂


[1] Metaphorfing Soundcloud

[2] Book Success Website

[3] Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday (Summary)

[4] Gary Vaynerchuk – GO All IN ON YOUR STRENGTHS

[5] Lessons Behind – Ido Portal

[6] Ido Portal & Conor Mcgregor

[7] Grant Cardone – Live Sales Call

[8] Now Excuses – Brian Tracy

[9] The Game – Neil Strauss

[10] Real Social Dynamics – Tyler

[11] Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

[12] The 4 Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

[13] Letters from a Stoic – Seneca

[14] The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday

[15] On the Shortness of Life: Life Is Long if You Know How to Use It – Seneca

[16] Deep Work – Cal Newport

[17] Mastery – Robert Greene

[18] Wake Up when You Want – Learn How to Influence your Sleep Routine

[19] AutoMEQ

[20] Blinkist App

[21] Get Abstract


[23] Civilization and Its Discontents – Sigmund Freud

[24] Deep Nutrition – Catherine Shanahan

[25] Spark – John Ratey

[26] Sleep Smarter – Shawn Stevenson

[27] The Power of Habits – Charles Duhigg

[28] The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

[29] The UltraMind Solution – Mark Hyman

[30] Slow Carb Diet Protocol

[31] 4-Hour Body – Tim Ferris


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